New Certificants

The CDMS Commission is pleased to announce 46 new CDMS certificants from the September 2016 exam window. These candidates can now use the CDMS credential, showcasing their knowledge, skills, and expertise as Certified Disability Management Specialists.

Congratulations to New CDMS Certificants


Dawn Malone   Nancy Voggesser    Sandra Rippberger    Anne Bornholdt 
Amoreena Burton   Janae Bethke   Molly Dynes   Aya Jibreal
Victor Velazquez   Nihcole Williams    Ann Brooking   Brandon Carbone
Ronald May   Robyn Caynak   Alexandra Carrasco   Ben Kelly 
Boris Stanojevich   Cameron Stein   Camille Voth   Cynthia Kovacs
Justin Claycomb   Carmel Montgomery   Courtney Eckert   Lorenzo Jones 
Denise Marie Caputa   Erin Davy    Donal Jay Barron    Jaime Becker
Jessica Goral    Jaclyn Getas    Katherine Markovich   Luz Santana
Nancy Gladwin   Kimberly Such    Helen Halstead   David McLaughlin
Erica Underwood   Ryan Rautio   Samantha Carter   Sasha Tursky
Steven Don Couch   Silvia Orian   Taylor Tacey    Vanessa Revak 
Wesley Fielding   Zanthia Hegle-Price    

The CDMS certification exam is offered twice a year within designated windows. For more information on certification, visit CDMS Certification.