2014 Role & Function Study

To ensure that the CDMS certification examination content continues to cover the knowledge, skills and abilities required for competent practice, the CDMS conducts a Role & Function Study every five years.

Last conducted in 2009, the CDMS began the preparation for the new study in May 2014. Bringing together CDMS subject matter experts (SME), staff from the CDMS certification examination testing company, Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc. (SMT), facilitated a weekend workshop in Chicago. SMEs participated in preliminary research which included the review of the current task/competency list and development of a survey rating scale and demographic questions. SMT used the results and input from the SMEs to develop an online survey.

Validation of the preliminary research was conducted via online survey deployment from June 20, 2014 through August 8, 2014. The CDMS sent out a call to CDMS certificants and non-CDMS disability management professionals. Individuals were asked to participate in an online survey which was designed to define the practice of a minimally-competent, entry-level disability management specialist and create a blueprint for developing the Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS) examination. All respondents were required to currently be working in the field of disability management. Data collected from the survey was analyzed to:

• Develop a profile of the CDMS and the environment in which they practice

• Identify essential tasks within practice domains and the importance of being able to perform the task competently

• Review assigned weights to each of the four practice domains and determine the distribution of content on the exam

• Uncover additional tasks or knowledge that were identified by the respondents

Concluded in late 2014, the Role & Function Study validated the essential competencies as defined through the four content domains required by a CDMS.

The 2014 Role & Function Study did not identify any new content tasks.