Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC)

The CKC is the first comprehensive online learning program focused solely on disability management and leaves of absence in the workplace.   


As the gap in disability management learning resources was identified, and investigation into the possibility of offering a curriculum for current and prospective practitioners was begun. That process led to the development of the CDMC Core Knowledge Curriculum or CKC for short.

A case-based curriculum designed for an online delivery platform was developed from the collaboration between CDMS leadership, industry leaders, and subject matter experts picked for their experience and expertise. The goal was to create a resource for colleagues and the future of the profession.

In 2022, the Commission brought together another group of subject matter experts to review and revise the content of the CKC to ensure its relevance and currency in today’s environment for disability management specialists.

Although we do not endorse any study materials or preparation courses, Commission leadership continue to realize a need to provide disability management professionals with educational material to deepen their understanding of the field.

Pathway to ADMS Designation

The CDMS CKC opens the door to disability management professionals who do not meet the eligibility criteria for CDMS certification. It paves the way for achieving ADMS designation.

Those applying for CDMS certification may find the CKC a useful supplement in their preparation for the exam.

Please Note: some may use CKC to supplement their preparation for the CDMS certification exam, however completion of the CKC does not guarantee a passing grade on the exam.

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Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC)

Implemented in 2011, the CKC consists of an introductory module and four domain modules, each reflecting an area of practice initially identified in the 2009 Role & Function Study. These areas of practice have been confirmed in the most recent Role & Function Study conducted in 2020. (/about-cdms/scope-practice/role-function-study).

  • Introductory Module: Introduction to core Competencies
  • Module 1: Domain for Disability and Work Interruption Case Management
  • Module 2: Domain for Workplace Intervention for Disability Prevention
  • Domain 3: Domain for Program Development, Management, and Evaluation
  • Domain 4: Domain for Employment Leaves and Benefits Administration

Each curriculum module consists of skill tools, interactive exercise, and case studies. Pre- and post-tests assess knowledge and measure improvement.

Each module consists of 8 CEs, for a total of 32 CEs. 

Easy Access, Self-Paced Study for future CDMS certificants, Earn CEs for current CDMS certificants! 

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Once purchased, online access to the CKC is available for one year, offering you the flexibility to study or earn CEs at your own pace.

Additional Learning Modules Offering CEs

CDMS offers continuing education through the Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC)CDMS Aging and ADAAA/IDM/FMLA learning modules as well as the Webinar Recordings on these subjects.

In addition, the Commission does have additional educational opportunities through CCMC's CMLearning Network