CDMS Certification Exam

The CDMS certification exam is offered twice a year within designated windows. Online applications are due in advance by the dates indicated. Candidates can choose from more than 300 test administration centers in the United States. 

Exam Application Timeline

Exam Cycle September 2024 March 2025
Application window opens April 1 November 1
Application window closes June 30 January 31
Approval/denial notification July 31 February 29
Exam administration September 14-21 March 15-22

The certification exam remains relevant and valid with current practices in the field through an in-depth Role & Function Study. This study is conducted every 5 years and defines the roles, functions, knowledge, and skills of disability managers. The scope of practice as derived from the last study, conducted in 2014, includes the following work domains.

  1. Domain for Disability and Work Interruption Case Management
  2. Domain for Workplace Intervention for Disability Prevention
  3. Domain for Program Development, Management, and Evaluation
  4. Domain for Employment Leaves and Benefits Administration

Apply Online

Download the CDMS Guide for Candidate Certification and apply online for the exam through the CDMS secure website. All applications must be submitted with payment by the deadlines above.


The fee to sit for the exam is $420.