Workforce Development

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The Certified Disability Management Specialists (CDMS) credential is a gold standard, confirming professionals have the highest level of knowledge and skills required to analyze workplace health and safety risk, recommend prevention strategies and alleviate the personal and professional effects of disability. The CDMS promotes competence, sustains high professional standards and advances ethical practice in the field.

As the field of disability management evolves, it's more important than ever to have a workforce with the professional background and expertise to practice competently.

CDMS Employer-based Programs: Promoting Professional Development for Your Staff

The CDMS offers a variety of products to advance professional development and education. Employers can partner with CDMS and promote certification or designation to staff that wish to advance their professional development through the Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC)—the first comprehensive online learning program focused solely on disability management and leaves of absence in the workplace. The CKC can be used as a professional development tool or as a supplement to CDMS certification exam preparation.

Invest in CDMS certification and find out what that means for your business

Customized programs provide significant benefits to both employers and their employees.

  • Standardize training
  • Aid in workforce development
  • Enhance credibility with existing and potential customers
  • Offer a competitive edge in the marketplace

CDMS Career Center

Employers can reach qualified professionals involved in disability case management, return-to-work, workers' compensation, workforce health and productivity and a variety of other absence and disability management activities using the CDMS Career Center. Post job opportunities with nationwide access to qualified CDMS certificants by simply creating an account.

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