Retirement Designation

The Commission's CDMS-R™ retirement credential allows non-practicing CDMS to remain flexible about their future. CDMS-R permits retired CDMS to regain full CDMS status without re-taking the exam. If your retirement status changes and you wish to regain the use of your CDMS certification, you would simply need to meet the renewal criteria and pay the renewal fee at the time of reinstatement.

Choosing the CDMS-R leaves the door open to reactivate your CDMS in case you want to return to the workforce within your renewal period (5 years from expiration date). For example, if you return to full time work, part-time work, volunteering, mentoring, or consulting you would have the option to renew without re-taking the exam.

A CDMS may go into retirement status up to nine months after the expiration date on their certificate. If a CDMS has an expired certification and chooses to gain retirement status in that nine month timeframe, the CDMS certification start date will begin the date of payment. 

If you have an active CDMS certification and choose to retire your credential, the CDMS-R start date will begin the day after your current certification expires. 

When you earned your Certified Disability Management Specialist® credential, you joined the best of the best. Stay in the game as long as you can—on your own terms.

NOTE: If an individual is providing consulting or other services using their CDMS certification, he or she should NOT select the retirement designation, but should continue to maintain the CDMS certification.