About CDMS

The Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS) certification sets you apart. It confirms you have the highest level of knowledge and skills required to analyze workplace health and safety risk, recommend prevention strategies and alleviate the personal and professional impact of disability. The CDMS is about getting employees back to well, back to work and back to life.

The CDMS credential holder is an integrated disability management expert, with an understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements as well as what it takes to get people back to work, to their families and to active participation in the community. It shows a commitment to current evidence-based professional practice, an ethical code of conduct and ongoing learning.

Achieve professional recognition of disability management competence through CDMS certification or ADMS designation


To distinguish the professional practice of integrated disability management through certification and recertification. We do this by:

  • Advancing professional education and development; and
  • Advocating for recognition of the CDMS among key stakeholders.


To advance and support the research-based, ethics driven CDMS credential as the hallmark for competence in integrated disability management practice.


The CDMS credential has a rich history that spans 30 years. Offering the only independent, nationally accredited program that certifies disability management specialists, the Certification of Disability Management Specialists (CDMS) credential is the industry standard in workplace solutions and has long been recognized for excellence. It promotes competence, high professional standards, and ethical practice in the field.

Beginning July 1, 2016, the management of the CDMS certification program was transferred to the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC). The Commission is the largest and oldest accredited certification body that certifies case managers across all health care and practice settings. The Commission is a non-profit, NCCA accredited, volunteer organization that manages the Certified Case Manager® (CCM®) credential.

From its inception, the Commission has been focused on providing value and enhanced expertise to those practicing in the field. From advancing professional development to equipping employers and employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist individuals to remain at or return to work, the Commission is steadfast in its commitment to meeting the demands of the industry.

The Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC) and related continuing education products incorporate subject matter relevant to today’s disability management professionals who are involved in a variety of practice disciplines, including rehabilitation counseling, nursing, safety, risk management, and human resources.