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CDMS® Practice Exam

Designed to assess a candidate's readiness to take the CDMS certification examination, the practice exam is available in one form and contains 54 multiple-choice questions covering the content areas of the CDMS certification examination. From the date of purchase, the practice exam is accessible for 30 days. The practice exam utilizes actual retired CDMS exam questions. 

Click below to purchase 30 consecutive days of access of the practice exam. If this is your first time using the CMLearning Network, you will be prompted to create an account. 

Please note that you will have unlimited 30-days access upon purchasing the practice exam.

After you complete your purchase, you will have access to the practice exam immediately.

Once you submit your answers at the end of the practice exam, the system will let you know which questions were incorrect and will give you the correct answer. You may retake the practice exam as many times as you would like. ce examination will not guarantee results on the actual CDMS examination. The practice examination is not required to sit for the certification examination.

Fee: $49.99

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Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC) & ADMS Designation

The CKC is the first comprehensive online learning program focused solely on disability management and leaves of absence in the workplace.   


As the gap in disability management learning resources was identified, and investigation into the possibility of offering a curriculum for current and prospective practitioners was begun. That process led to the development of the CDMC Core Knowledge Curriculum or CKC for short.

A case-based curriculum designed for an online delivery platform was developed from the collaboration between CDMS leadership, industry leaders, and subject matter experts picked for their experience and expertise. The goal was to create a resource for colleagues and the future of the profession.

In 2022, the Commission brought together another group of subject matter experts to review and revise the content of the CKC to ensure its relevance and currency in today’s environment for disability management specialists.

Although we do not endorse any study materials or preparation courses, Commission leadership continue to realize a need to provide disability management professionals with educational material to deepen their understanding of the field.

Pathway to ADMS Designation

The CDMS CKC opens the door to disability management professionals who do not meet the eligibility criteria for CDMS certification. It paves the way for achieving ADMS designation.

Those applying for CDMS certification may find the CKC a useful supplement in their preparation for the exam.


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Disclaimer: The CDMS® exam is practice-based, meaning all questions are based on the knowledge that an experienced case manager should know and understand. Purchasing study materials is optional and not required to take the exam. Attending or purchasing courses or study materials is not a guarantee of passing the exam. The Commission does not endorse or approve any study materials